Murmuration 8Murmuration was exhibited at ArtPrize 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 24 through October 12, 2014.

More than 16 feet high, the work incorporated thousands of feathers suspended on strands of crochet thread encompassing a structure of bamboo. The piece was inspired by the movement of starling murmurations, where a single focus informs a large body.

Murmuration was selected as a Curator Pick among the works listed by curator Amanda Carmer  and was also named one of the 25 most listed works at ArtPrize 2014 in the lead up to its opening on September 24, 2014.

Murmuration chalk-up monroe

Murmuration Photo Credit: Michael Buck | ABC WOTV4

Out of 1,536 pieces in 174 venues, Gwendolyn Terry’s Murmuration was cited by MLive Michigan’s Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk as one of ArtPrize 2014’s “Ten Don’t Miss Art Entries to See.” In his article, Kaczmarczyk said of Murmuration:

“…’Murmuration’ is inspired by organic life, the movement of starling mumurations captured by art. Like “Interections” above, it’s almost a Time-Based work. It’s also something of an inversion. “Intersections” doesn’t really move unless bumped, but “Murmuration’s” feathers and string are affected by air currents and the movement of people. “Intersections” projects outward, but ‘Murmuration’ is lit from outside. “Intersections” is geometric and man-made while ‘Murmuration’ is more free-form and free-flowing. By now, it should be clear I suggest seeing both of these on the same day.”

Most Popular EntriesMurmuration was also named among Artprize 2014’s Top 25 finalists in the public vote for the Installation category at ArtPrize 2014.

Gwendolyn Terry was awarded a 2014 Seed Grant by the Frey Foundation for her work on Murmuration.