Three-quarter MoonThree-quarter Moon (24″ diameter) is a representation of our Moon in a gibbous phase, composed of encaustic paint on a curved wooden disc. Three-quarter moon  is in private collection.

DSC_0214sm  DSC_0248sm  DSC_0298sm  DSC_0315sm

Still Point Lantern – The Lantern is a suspended ceiling lantern composed of corroded nails, die-cut letters, string, and three incandescent bulbs. The Lantern was displayed at Marwen in Chicago during the month of December, 2013, and is now in private collection.

DSC_0324sm  DSC_0171sm  DSC_0327sm

Apogee and PerigeeApogee and Perigee were shown in the Encaustic USA exhibit at Arc Gallery in Chicago, from June 26 through July 20, 2013.

Apogee Perigee (Web1)  Perigee detail A  Terry_Perigee_detail_B

Still Point Still Point, shown at High Five Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 19 – October 7, 2012 (photos by Bryan Frank and Terry Johnston)


Additional Still Point photos, 2012


Moon series – Encaustic paint and wood, 2012 (studies and works-in-progress)


Chandelier – Commissioned work for a private residence, composed of corroded nails and string. Based on Gwendolyn’s Still Point of the Turning Earth, 2009.


More photos to come…