Gwendolyn Terry was named one of 25 artists in ArtPrize 2014 who each received a $2,000 seed grant (from a total of $50,000) granted by the Frey Foundation to ArtPrize.

The Artist Seed Grants, supported by the Frey Foundation, were awarded to 25 artists based on financial need and artistic merit to help encourage participation and minimize barriers to competing in ArtPrize.

The 25 recipients of the Seed Grants were determined by the ArtPrize Arts Advisory Council, a panel of advisors made up of national and local art world luminaries, critics, curators, and artists. The AAAC currently includes:

  • Nicole Caruth, writer, curator, editor of Art21 Magazine, New York
  • Lisa Freiman, Director of Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  • Reed Kroloff, architect and Director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum
  • Scott Stulen, Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance at Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Joe Becherer, Chief Curator and Vice President, Horticulture and Sculpture Collections and Exhibitions at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids
  • Paul Amenta, curator of SiTE:LAB, Grand Rapids
  • Dana Friis-Hansen, Director and CEO of Grand Rapids Art Museum